KORG ESX, MPC1000 and MPC 500 Programs for grabs in STUDIO Section
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In 2016 I finally found my perfect tool for the job, it's Electron Octatrack. At the moment it is my ultimate Rave/Hardcore sampler/sequencer.
You can find video and good quality pictures in Studio.
New Addition to my mini studio TT303 (tb303 clone)
Description and sounds in Studio section
New track on V.A. - Sound of Centertek

track 16.TuneFreak - Happiness


New release out NOW on Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!!



Hi everyone, My studio is shrinking very quickly and I'm moving slowly into my laprop.
I've realized that my workflow is much better when I'm using midi controllers (launchpad, nanokontrol2)
instead of hardware equipment.
My x0xb0x is also gone, but Roland AIRA TB3 might be joining me soon :)
I laso managed to hack my PSP after trying with pandora battery and all that shit. So now I have PSPRhythm (homebrew sampler/sequencer program) on board for mobile raving!

After long break I'm coming back with new 90s remix breakcore compilation

Turn It Off Records


V.A. - Summercore Intensive Connection vol. 2


(001. TuneFreak – TGP2)

And new equipment pictures and reviews: KaossPad 1, Roland SP808 (coming soon!!!)

TuneFreak - LaptopMelo

TuneFreak - Somebody dance with me

TuneFreak vs Adon360 - Tune Freak the technique 

TuneFreak - SpRMBing

TuneFreak - NR


TuneFreak - Chopin

Many Programs for MPC 1000 to download in studio section, and more to come:)
tio012 My NEW release out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TuneFreak - Remixes
Well known polish producer, aceeed and circut bending enthusiast - TuneFreak, put together couple of his kickin' remixes into one piece. Most of them never saw the day light. You'll find there non- and hard electronic inspiration mixed with almost all his influences from years ago. Very nice piece of hard and sick electronic sound. Test it!

2 new addition to my studio section
Sampling keyboard Hohner pk60 and MPC1000 best piece of gear I owned so far!
<---------------------------2 New Videos on youtube check them out!
2 New Programs with classic hip hop/ downtempo breaks is waiting for your Akai MPC500( Studio section )
And 2 new addition to the studio
MC303 in excellent condition and Zoom ST-224 with great realtime effect section.
I'm pushing 8bit DJ hardcore dance set this time!

LONDON June 2 at 7:00pm
Event Facebook link

Long weekend is coming and we are bringing you jubilee's eviction tumult along!

[Punk/Trash Metal/Dub/Jungle/D'N'B/ Breakcore/Hardcore/Disco]

++ LIVE BANDS (kicking off at 7pm on Saturday):


++ PRODUCERS/ DJS (continuing after bands):
-- MINDHUNTER (Rigormortis)
-- NO ALIAS (Big Bang)
-- MARK PITCHLESS -- (Ill FM - Pitchless)
-- TUNEFREAK -- (Acid Hardwave)
-- PHUQ -- (Bad Sekta - Pitchless - Sociopath)
-- ATMAN -- (Pokora SS)
--KILLA BOMB -- (Pokora SS)
--TOSTERRR (Rombanka SS)
--MEUS DEUS (Pokora SS)
--ALEX FLUFF (Arsenal Collective)
--QUBA LIBRE (Polokokta)


- Catherine de Lima
- Cat
Rombanka soundsystem V.A. - Rombanka Soundsystem 5th Anniversary 2007-2012
This time cooperation with other artists gave birth to Junction Crew, track number 26.
Here is a link to the label blog where you can download this and many more crazy core stuff

I've got my massive selection of mp3 and XM tracks for listen or download in music section.

Placid Junction # 6 Breakcore Edition


DJ sets, live visuals, giveaways & merchandise.

FREE ENTRY - no excuses!


-- MARK PITCHLESS -- (Ill FM - Pitchless)
Regular purveyor of blarty hardcore on the airwaves, this time promising to dose us with some heavy duty classics from his extensive collection...

-- TUNEFREAK B2B TOSTERRR -- (Acid Hardwave / Rombanka SS)
Two of Poland's finest exports team up for some full-on B2B madness - expect the unexpected!

-- PHUQ -- (Bad Sekta - Pitchless - Sociopath)
Bad Sekta head honcho & dedicated basketcase Phuq brings some Sirius danger bizness to the party - nothings is true/everything is permitted!

-- ATMAN -- (Pokora SS)
Always harder than the rest! Expect nothing less from this resident of the mighty Pokora sound system...


-- VJ Ordo Quadrati --
Lovingly prepared live VJ action!

-- eNJoYKaoS -- (Headfuk - NFA)
Mind-bending live visuals & extreme kaos!


NEW LOCATION !!, Brewer Street, Soho, London, United Kingdom

OZZY OZWALD (Peace Off. / Fuckin Beat, BE)
GRR (Sociopath Recordings/ Mechanical Brain, IT/DE)
RIOT (Rombanka Soundsystem/ Amen Mafia, PL)
ATMAN (Pokora Soundsystem, GB)
MEUS DEUS (Pokora Soundsystem, GB)
TOSTERRR (Rombanka Soundsystem, GB)
TUNEFREAK (Acid Hardwave, GB)
PHUQ (BadSekta, GB)

Placid Junction # 2 - Usedtobecool, Phuq, Tunefreak

++IDM/Experimental/ Ambient/Electronica/Trip hop++

Placid Junction

Black Box
95 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB , London, United Kingdom

8:00pm until 1:00am

Placid Junction - launch night featuring Phuq, Tunefreak, DJ Toster

++Downtempo/IDM/ Experimental/Ambient/ Electronica/Trip hop++

Chill Night

Black Box
95 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB , London, United Kingdom

10:00pm until 3:00am
Ragga terror front compilation VA - Ragga Kurwa Front Compilation
Check out my rave/break track on this release.
Link to the website and download
VA Personality
VA - Personality
Another experimental Chopin related release
with my 8bit style track .
Link to the website and download

I've got few gameboys recently with custom cartdrige and lsdj on board. I also installed a backlight to one of them (check pics in "studio").
This time on full speed another summer compilation.
VA - Polska Ja Wersyja: Kompilejszyn Dziwko!!!
Great artists presents polish hits in unique remixes.

Released by Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!!

The best compilation this year so far!
Amazing 32 breakcore/hardcore/speedcore and experimental remixes of the 90s dance tracks.
Don't miss it!

Released by Turn It Off Recordz
I have some samplepacks in esx format for Krog Electribe ESX-1 groove sampler in studio section
Another set, this time speedcore for Monday mornings to wake me/you up :)
New Awesome Jungle set OUT NOW!
Check the music/set section
Download it here
Hello everybody, I've just updated FB383 page in studio section including mods pictures.
If you have any new ideas (mods) regarding the unit or something can be done other way, contact me through form in contact section.
<-------------------------Oh!,I've also uploaded a new video on youtube of the tr505 and fb383 in action
Here we go! I would like to introduce to you my latest modifications to the classic drum machine TR505.
Separate volume controls, 5 pattern deconstructors and pitch control.
Check the hi res pics in studio section.
I will also upload sound examples soon.
Special thanks to jwloh for the icon set!
Dance to my beats!
My new release OUT NOW!
TuneFreak - Dance to my beats! ep

New ideas and new inspirations, some hardware and software mixed up together creating acid/breaks/experimental mixture.
More stuff : A Station sounds and pics, Technox and Yamaha SY-35 example sounds.
Welcome in 2011! I've just added Korg Poly-61 sounds and pictures of Quasimidi Technox and Novation Nocturn.
Novation A Station will join my setup next week. I'll try to update most of the sounds, pics and links this month.Yeah
More gear coming in and out!
New additions: Kaoss Pad 3, Novation Nova, Zoom Studio 1201 multi FX, another TR505.
Stuf I've sold and going to sell :Roland VS1680 Recorder on Ebay soon, Yamaha dx27, Kaoss Pad mini.
I will add more sound demos and pics, but now check the Poly800 with MODS!!(sounds/pics) in STUDIO section.

Butcher's Breaks Party - 4.09.2010@ Butcher's Corner
302 New Cross road
London SE14 6AF
Closest station New Cross Gate
entry - 3 quid


Akai MPC500
MORE PROGRAMS and 12 pieces RAVE PACK with hardcore, jungle, oldskool loops and sounds !
I've bought recently Akai mpc500, and I will be using it as a main sequencer. To be honest It is better than I though (after reading about how crap it is and how often it crashes), very easy to use with quick and intuitive access to all the menus. It's fully expanded now to 128mb ram and 2GB CF card.
I also got the MPCmaid and created some programs for my MPC and would like to share them with you :).
They're all in Studio section under Akai MPC500 Programs link. I will be uploading more programs soon.
”Polscy Artysci Chopinowi Zagrali” was a project relating to the 200th anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s birthday.
Its goal was to create a one-of-a-kind music compilation. It consisted of compositions based on the work of Poland’s greatest composer, in four different electronic music genres: idm, ambient, breakcore and experimental.
NEW equipment in Studio (check STUDIO section)
Korg ES-1 MK2 - That's my latest toy. With some cool effects on board, TR style sequencer and easy way to jump between the patterns.
I've got recently some new gear Roland VS-1680 with 2 FX cards. This recorder is so cool, and easy to work with.
I stopped using Ableton from the day I got it.
YamahaDD-11 well, this was a gift for my son, but it can be used as midi controller (amen break - here i come:))
And the last toy I got is oldskool mixer Star sound dynamix without power supply and with few pots being damaged. I will definetly bring it back to life as soon as I have some time.
There are some useful links and high resolution pictures to the gear I mentioned above.

Hi everyone, I came back to html style of tunefreak.org. And there is plenty of stuff about my gear in studio section (high quality pics, sounds, links to manuals and descriptions).
Thanks for looking.

Bezpiecznik Released on new Acid style netlabel (www.acidhardwave.com).
You can find here some breakcore, jungle, hardcore and 8bit.
All that with huge dose of Acid sounds.
Acidhardwave.com AcidHardwave Records is a World Independent Non-commercial Netlabel.
Our mission is to promote ACID sounds in any genre and spread ACID waves through the webspace.